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You Need To Change?

Welcome To, This site was made by two visionaries: Eugene McGrath and Gretchen Theakston Larabee. Both Gretchen and I are from two totally different countries; she from Canada and I from Northern Ireland. Yup the place that God forgot for 25 yrs, but we will not go into that at this time lol.

The whole concept to “You need to change” is to help people with the Art and Science of Empowering, Developing, and Communicating with another human being, based on their needs and not mine or yours.

Gretchen has extensive knowledge in communication due to her many years working as a Registered Nurse and vast experience in content creation and human behaviour.

Eugene has a broad knowledge of Technology centered around 20 years of IT experience both online and offline as well as graphics and video production skills

We have both worked in many ONLINE BUSINESSES and have worked together in a few. We decided to set up, after witnessing so many people that have been misled and told to drink “The Kool-Aid” for far too long.

We thought to ourselves; what can we do to alleviate the pain of others; and came up with a concept. In 2018 and beyond it is insane the amount of people that don’t have a website. We both decided to take the bull by the horns and rectify this immediately.

Hence, why we set up With this project, we will be able to provide a website for anyone regardless of their financial status. We will make this affordable for everyone and will also host it for a small monthly fee. An affiliate program will be available so you can make money by promoting “”.

We are developing a monthly membership site for a  small affordable monthly fee or yearly fee. These fees will allow you access to training courses such as

  • How to improve your mindset

  • Getting nearly every prospect to say “Yes”

and will include the latest and best up to date information available.

Our goal with, is to educate and provide  affordable websites for everyone, the training to help those struggling to finally start up a business and provide website owners with the knowledge to take their business to the next level