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Why you need an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

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Why you need an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

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Have you been on an unsecured site?
Do you even know if you have been?

The new mission for Google is to make the internet safer by ensuring that you are warned if you are visiting an unsecured site.

Google will now warn you by displaying a “Not Secure” warning on any site that does not have an SSL.

Is your site SSL secured and if not why?

Whenever you are using the internet all data is passing from your computer to a server. This includes text, personal information, banking information, images and passwords. A secure connection between you and your customers or visitors is essential and will soon, because of Google Chrome, become a requirement.

Check it out here:

Your information, when not connected to a secure server, can easily be intercepted, captured and in the hands of others. What does this mean to you? Hackers can steal your information as well as the information of your clients. You and they are vulnerable to the theft of your personal information and details and no one wants that!


If Google has decided your website is unsecured you are going to lose possibly hundreds of leads as well as any monies they would have spent with you. You will be turning away business in large bites….daily!

At the moment Google has been giving soft warnings, just showing the site is unsecured. That’s about to change and you need to be ready. Google will, very soon, start blocking unsecured sites. Is your business going to be affected? Are you going to start losing traffic and customers because you neglected to secure your site with SSL?

Is there a solution and is it readily available and easy to apply?

Yes, there is and yes it is!

Building a company or brand is hard enough, why put it in jeopardy by leaving your site unsecured? The lack of security on your website will mean that people are looking elsewhere resulting in your reputation and your business suffering.

Prove to your customers and to Google that you are serious about your business and your customer’s security. Install that extra layer of protection and protect both. Don’t let your business suffer when a simple installation can secure your site and your continued service to your customers!

Want some explanations about all this?

What are SSL certificates and why you need one?

Clients will trust you and your website more with SSL. Why?

What risks are there if you don’t install extra security?

Why risk your clients being put off by your lack of security on your website.

They will go and visit a competitor and you will lose that sale.

Ensure that you are not that business!

Learn how to ensure your customer growth and retention by talking to us about your security and how to improve it.

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